DMS N 36° 45' 26.0604'' E 24° 30' 34.6644''

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Milos Smart Maps Collection

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4 Detailed Thematic Maps

#1 Milos - The island
#2 Adamas - Port of Milos
#3 Plaka - Capital of Milos and Pollonia - Fishermen's Village
#4 Trypiti, Klima, Triovassalos, Plakes, Plaka - Main Villages



Why Milos Smart Maps

are smart?


Milos Smart Maps are the joined effort of a group of specialized scientists in various fields -cartography, geology, information technology, graphic design- in collaboration with knowledgeable residents of Milos along with the "Club of Mountain and Sea Friend of Milos". Each contributed in their specific areas in order to produce these detailed and complete, thematic and very accurate maps of Milos.


Look at these features you are going to love:


  • Precise and reliable professional cartography. All points on the map checked by GPS
  • Full coverage of the road network along with distances in kilometers
  • More than 40 kilometers of exceptionally beautiful HIKING TRAILS
  • Best sightseeing walks linking the MUST SEE sights in each village
  • SPECIAL TIPS: the perfect places to watch the sunrise or the sunset, panoramic views, the LOCAL’S SECRET spots
  • Highlighted pinpoints: traditional QUAINT villages, old PIRATE hideouts, wetlands, shipwrecks, DIVING spots, thermal springs, land and sea VOLCANIC geo-formations, designated NATURA areas, historic places...
  • FANTASTIC destinations you shouldn't miss!


Milos Smart Maps are FREE!

The printed maps are available at select places throughout the island


The digital version is available for all mobile devices even offline!
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Find out the perfect spots to admire the
stunning colors at sunset or the bright
and brilliant sun rays at dawn. Marvel at the endless blue expanse of the horizon!


Discover the unexpected with

Boat Trips



Sailing boats, traditional vessels or faster RIB boats: choose the one you like best and experience the magnificent coast of Milos.

Famous destinations like the spectacular old pirate hideout of Kleftiko and the impressive cave of Sykia, a tour around Milos, a visit to the nearby smaller islands like the volcanic Glaronissia or the solitary Polyegos with turquoise waters.

All routes are designed to steal your heart!







Follow Milos Trails to some of the most beautiful places on the island. Most of them relatively short and easy to follow, they lead through sparse Cycladic vegetation and scenic landscapes to incredible sites.

Spring and fall are the best seasons for hiking but Milos Trails are even pleasant during the summer. There is always a beach on your way for a refreshing swim!







If you long for a private, more quiet visit to the famous attractions of Milos you should try these alternative routes: hike to the magnificent old pirate’s hideout of Kleftiko, to the submerged cave of Sykia or the lunar-like volcanic formations of Sarakiniko , stroll among the ruins of the Classical city of Klima, reach the steep foothills of Plaka.

You will enjoy the peaceful nature at your own pace...